IEConsulting bw

Specialized Program Development: Consultation and Eating Disorder Program Development support for Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Programs, Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment Centers, and Schools.  Program assessment, conceptualization, development, staff training, and implementation of program curriculums for adding or strengthening treatment of eating disorders, depression and anxiety, self-harm behavior, addictions, adolescent issues (identity, self-esteem), and parenting support.

International Consultation Services: Private and company-based consultation services for eating disorder treatment.  Inspire Evolve brings US standards of care to geo-locationally challenged areas of the globe to optimize treatment services and expand to specialized eating disorder services.

Confidential Custom Treatment Programs: Confidential intensive recovery services customized to each individuals specific needs and particular challenges.  Treatment companion assists individual and family in his/her home environment with an intensive lifestyle shift as core roots and triggers for problem behavior are explored and expelled. Aftercare recovery tracking for increased success.

International Custom & Group Retreats: Intensive Recovery Retreats in exotic locations tailored to individual’s specific treatment needs and requirements. Staff as well as a unique team of western professionals and local healers present to guide the recovery process. Intensive therapy, workshops, nutrition recommendation, homeopathy, massage, bodywork, energy work, therapeutic breath work, yoga, meditation, 12 step meetings.


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